BudgetSheet 2.6.0 - Pending Transactions


Import pending transactions from your bank account into Google Sheets. BudgetSheet now supports importing pending transactions! As of v2.6.0, there is a new Status column in the BSA_Transactions sheet. If a transaction is not fully settled, it will be imported with a status of "Pending". Once the transaction is settled, the row will be updated in place and the Status will be cleared.

Check out a quick demo of this below:

How Do I Upgrade?

The upgrade script will automatically run the next time you visit the Google Sheet and try to manually run an action, like "Fetch Latest Transactions...". Just click "Yes" at the upgrade prompt, and you should be good to go.

How Does This Impact Autofetch?

This change will not impact Autofetch, which will continue to run like normal. Since the importing of pending transactions depends on whether or not the "Status" column exists, Autofetch will not begin importing pending transactions or resolving them until you visit the sheet and run the upgrade script.

What If I Don't Want to Import Pending Transactions?

If you do NOT want pending transactions added to the BSA_Transactions sheet, simply delete the "Status" column, and pending transactions will be skipped. BudgetSheet will know what to do if that column is missing :)

Happy Budgeting!

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