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BudgetSheet 2.9.0 - Custom Categories & Overrides

BudgetSheet now comes with a way to create your own fully custom categories, or re-map existing ones to something else.

Pro Account Limits Increased 50%

The soft limit for active connected accounts is now 30, up from 20. This is an increase of 50%, and applies to all new and existing accounts, effective immediately. As always, you can request more if needed.

Mint is Shutting Down. Now What?

Mint has announced they are shutting down the service and migrating people to Credit Karma, which does not have budgeting features.

BudgetSheet.net to BudgetSheet.com

BudgetSheet.net is now BudgetSheet.com. It took a long time and a lot of negotiating back and forth, but I finally acquired the BudgetSheet.com domain.

BudgetSheet 2.8.2 - Available Balance, Limits, and Percentages

The BSA_Balances sheet has been updated to include more balance data from your linked accounts. For credit and loan account types, the sheet now includes the available balance, the credit limit, and the balance used percentage for each applicable linked account.

BudgetSheet 2.8.0 - New Sidebar App

New Sidebar App for Google Sheets. Now you can access all of the functionality of BudgetSheet from a sidebar alongside your spreadsheet instead of menus and overlays that block it.

How to Budget Irregular Income With Google Sheets

If you're self-employed or own a small business, you may have irregular income. Creating a budget is important to avoiding unexpected expenses. It also gives you peace of mind. Understanding where your money goes helps you manage it better. In this guide we'll discuss how to budget irregular income with Google Sheets.

How to Track Your Spending With Google Sheets

The tricky part about budgeting isn’t starting one; it’s sticking to it. Tracking your spending can be tedious. That’s why many people don’t budget. Finding a tracking method that works for you is essential to making your budget stick. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to track your spending with Google Sheets.

How to Make a Budget With Google Sheets

Figuring out how to make a budget can be intimidating, especially if you're going from disorganized to tracking every dollar. This how-to guide will help you transition from "Where'd all my money go?" to "I've got some leftover!" in no time.

BudgetSheet 2.7.1 - Simplified Categories

New simplified category system! Quickly auto-categorize bank transactions in Google Sheets with BudgetSheet.

BudgetSheet 2.6.0 - Pending Transactions

Import pending transactions from your bank into Google Sheets with BudgetSheet

BudgetSheet 2.5.0 - User-Editable BSA_Transactions Sheet

You can now add your own columns to the BSA_Transactions sheet anywhere you want!

BudgetSheet v2.4.1 - Account Linking Updates

More supported banks and an easy way to quickly update all your account balances

SheetQuery: An ORM-Like Query Builder for Google Sheets and Google Apps Script

A simple and small Google Apps Script library for quickly and easily finding and updating records in Google Sheets with a familiar ORM-like syntax

BudgetSheet v2.4.0 - User Category Match Patterns

BudgetSheet now has user-specified category match patterns. The next time you open BudgetSheet and run an operation, your BSA_Categories sheet will get a new column named MatchPatterns.

BudgetSheet 2.3.0 - Account Balance Tracking 📈

Account balance tracking is here with a new BSA_Balances sheet. This sheet will be created for you automatically the next time transactions are fetched.

BudgetSheet 2.2.0 - Auto-Fetching is Here! 🎉

Auto-fetching has landed in BudgetSheet! Autofetch is not enabled by default, so if you want to set it up, click on the "Autofetch Settings..." menu item in the BudgetSheet Extensions menu.

BudgetSheet v2.1.0 - Account Re-Linking + Fixes

You can now re-link accounts directly from the "Manage Accounts..." screen when they get out of sync!

BudgetSheet v2.0

The all-new BudgetSheet. No Plaid account required anymore.

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