After you install BudgetSheet, the setup script should run automatically. If it does not (or if it does not finish), open the setup menu at Extensions > BudgetSheet > Setup > Setup Everything..., pictured below.

BudgetSheet Full Menu
BudgetSheet Full Menu

The setup script will create and format all the necessary spreadsheets for you to use BudgetSheet. The default spreadsheets that are created are:

  • BSA_Categories [User Sheet - Editable] - Has the list of allowed categories for transaction categorization (you can add your own as new rows)
  • BSA_Transactions [Core Sheet - Semi-Editable] - Holds all bank transactions, newest ones on bottom
  • BSA_Balances [Core Sheet] - Updated each fetch with new bank account balances
  • BSA_Log [Core Sheet] - System log sheet of actions performed (useful for debugging)

If the default spreadsheets or the budget spreadsheet does not suit you or meet your needs, feel free to modify them or create your own!. BudgetSheet puts your own banking data in your own spreadsheet, with no restrictions!

Optional Spreadsheets

You can also optionally setup the following spreadsheets, which are not automatically created on install:

  • BSA_Budget [User Sheet - Editable] - Budget spreadsheet full of useful formulas, setup for one full calendar year

After the initial setup is complete, link your bank accounts to start using BudgetSheet.

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  • BudgetSheet

    Google Sheets + Bank Transactions. Full control to budget your own way with your own data in your own spreadsheet.

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